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ZackTuned RTD+ (Remote Tuning Device+)

ZackTuned RTD+ (Remote Tuning Device+)

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ZackTuned RTD+ is a versatile tuning and diagnostic tool for modern vehicles that allows users to program their engine control unit (ECU). It enables users to Program ZackTuned Files directly to their car, read and clear engine codes, and perform data logging for later analysis. RTD+ is user-friendly and suitable for factory vehicles and performance enthusiasts with major upgrades looking to optimize their engine performance.

The ZackTuned RTD+ is carved from the same mold as the HpTuners MPVI2+. The ZackTuned "Remote Tuning Device+" revolutionizes remote tuning capabilities. The RTD+ is a compact interface device designed with the latest flashing interface hardware, allowing us to send our tunes easily to your vehicle. It will enable you to send the car "read" files and share data logs directly with the ZackTuned team.

You'll have access to receive professional custom calibration files to flash to your vehicle via your Mobile phone. The RTD+ offers complete iOS and Android support with the TDN App.
The new Tune Delivery Network (TDN) is the fastest and easiest way to receive ZackTuned calibration files through the TDN portal and instantly share read files and data logs for remote diagnostics. The free TDN app syncs with the ZackTuned RTD+ via Bluetooth, removing the laptop in favor of your iOS and Android Smart Phone!

What are credits?

ZackTuned RTD+ uses a credit-based licensing system. Credits are used as currency to purchase licenses for a vehicle's different Electronic control modules. Licensing a module gives you the ability to tune it.

The number of credits necessary to buy a license varies depending on the car. Many vehicles are two credits for licensing the ECM/PCM and may have additional options such as a TCM, FICM, or CCM.

You can find a complete list of supported vehicles and credit costs on our supported vehicle page.

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