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LS TO 8HP70/45/90 KIT

LS TO 8HP70/45/90 KIT

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A full engine adapter kit to install a 8HP70/45/90 transmission to your LS.

You can throw all the power you want at this kit, without the need of upgrading a flexplate.
Please let us know crank type during checkout, so we can get you the right kit.


What are credits?

ZackTuned RTD+ uses a credit-based licensing system. Credits are used as currency to purchase licenses for a vehicle's different Electronic control modules. Licensing a module gives you the ability to tune it.

The number of credits necessary to buy a license varies depending on the car. Many vehicles are two credits for licensing the ECM/PCM and may have additional options such as a TCM, FICM, or CCM.

You can find a complete list of supported vehicles and credit costs on our supported vehicle page.

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